Customers are #1

At Aptus Computers profit takes a back seat to customer satisfaction.  Here, customers aren't viewed as just another pay check, they are viewed as the life blood of the company.  The reason Aptus Computers exists is to serve the customer with friendly, knowledgeable service that meets the customers exact needs.

We operate by providing a service to our customers.  If we are unable to solve your problem or fail to meet your expectations you don't owe us a dime*.  When you are happy with our work we only charge a modest rate per hour for the actual labor required plus the cost of parts. Some services are performed at a flate rate or based on a written estimate.

We stand behind everything we service and sell.  In rare cases a repair we performed may fail, if it does we will do everything in our power to take care of it in a timely fashion.  In many cases repair services come with an Aptus Computers limited warranty, even on equipment that has been in service for many years.  We stand behind all products we sell and provide free warranty related service for as long as the manufacturers warranty is in effect.

In the spirit of customer service we provide free telephone and e-mail technical support for every piece of hardware and software that we sell or service for as long as you own and use that product.  For example if we install a router/firewall for you today and five years down the road you have some questions about it, you can e-mail or call us and we will provide the best answer we can find at absolutely no charge to you.  This is true even if that is the only product/service you ever purchased from us.  Another example, let's say you hire us to come clean some spyware out of your computer.  As long as you own that computer we will answer spyware related questions at no charge.  If you purchase a computer from us the computer and everything pre-installed on it will be covered by our free support policy.  If you have ever had to deal with the technical support people at any large computer manufacturer you understand how important a service like this is.

At Aptus Computers we believe that every customer should be treated as an individual with unique needs.  We listen to our customers and give their needs the personal attention they deserve.

Matt Boughton
Owner, Aptus Computers

* In some cases in order to troubleshoot we must install non-removeable parts such as surface mount IC's that can't be re-used.  The customer will be notified before we perform any service that payment is required for.  In some instances a non-refundable inspection fee may be charged before work can begin.