Remote Support

Aptus Computers Remote Suppport service allows an Aptus Computers technician to view and interact with your computer using your Internet connection.

Aptus Computers uses LogMeIn Rescue to provide remote services. LogMeIn Rescue uses the same encryption technology used by banks and major corporations to secure financial data making eavesdropping and exploitation almost impossible. LogMeIn Rescue makes it possible for the Remote Support Connection to work through firewalls without compromising or otherwise modifying security policies.

The Remote Support software doesn't require any software to be permanently installed on your computer and you are in control over when the Remote Support session begins and ends.

For customers with a maintenance contract or systems covered under warranty this service is free in addition to our other support offerings.

For customers not covered under contract or warranty this service is available in lieu of or in addition to an on-site service call for many types of problems. This service is available at the rate of $35 per hour with a one hour minimum charge. Excess time over one hour will be billed in half hour increments. For new customers Aptus Computers may require one on-site visit before utilizing this service in order to make sure we thoroughly understand your systems and your needs.

If you believe you have a computer problem that can be solved remotely and have a working Internet connection please call (541) 890-3697 for a telephone evaluation.

LogMeIn Rescue Remote Support Client