Customer Loyalty Program

To show how much we value our customers we have created the 'Customer Loyalty Program.'

The program is simple. Refer a new customer to Aptus Computers and earn credit on your account towards future invoices. Here is how it works:

  • Refer a new customer to Aptus Computers.
  • The new customer calls and requests service and/or orders hardware/software and mentions that you referred them.
  • The new customer pays their bill.
  • You get a $35 credit on your Aptus Computers account.
  • Keep referring new customers and keep earning credits.


Each business/household can only earn one credit per new customer but can refer and earn credits for an unlimited number of new customers.

A new customer is any business or household that has never been invoiced for services and/or materials from Aptus Computers.

In order to be eligible for a credit your account must be in good standing with Aptus Computers.

Customer loyalty credits may not be exchanged for a cash refund.

Call Aptus Computers at (541) 890-3697