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There are plenty of "do-it-yourself" data recovery packages on the Internet however the real magic in data recovery isn't the software but the people performing the work. Many of these software packages when used improperly or under the wrong circumstances will cause further, unrepairable damage to your information and some are just a scam and don't work even under perfect conditions.

When it comes to saving your valuable data you need the expert assistance of Aptus Computers.

Sometimes slow computer startup and erratic behavior is an early warning sign that the hard drive is failing or about to fail. The earlier these problems are caught the better the chances of successfully recovering your valuable data.

As soon as information loss or hard drive problems are suspected call Aptus Computers at 541-890-3697.

Aptus Computers provides in-house data recovery services for deleted files and corrupt/lost files when no hardware damage is present.

Aptus Computers is able to retrieve files lost and hidden by malicious software.

Aptus Computers has pioneered a unique and highly successful data recovery system to recover data from hard drives when some physical damage is present. This option should only be attempted when the value of the lost information isn't high enough to warrant the cost of clean room data recovery. Once this method is attempted further damage to the drive may occur reducing the chances of a successful clean room recovery by DriveSavers so before proceeding the value of the information must be accurately determined.

When your information is too valuable to lose then the Experts at DriveSavers are here to help. DriveSavers has been recovering data since 1985 and they are the trusted leader in the field. DriveSavers also has the knowledge and tools to recover data from any data storage media including internal and external hard drives, tapes, flash drives, USB thumb drives, digital memory cards and more.

Quotes are free and when you have your data recovered by DriveSavers through Aptus Computers you receive a discount on those services and other special benefits.

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