Company Profile

Aptus Computers was started in 1999 as a one person customer service oriented operation named Boughton Enterprises. Today the company has changed with the times but still remains dedicated to the customer. We take great pride in our customer satisfaction and retention rates. In fact, nearly all of the customers that helped start Aptus Computers are still extremely loyal customers and we are grateful for their support.

For Aptus Computers loyalty and trust are the most important factors for success. At Aptus Computers we pledge to always put existing customers first before new business. We will never take in work from a new customer if any of our existing customers need immediate attention. We also pledge to never offer a lower price to a prospective customer that we wouldn't also offer to our existing customers.

Trust is the foundation of our business. We respect our customers privacy therefore we do not share details about or even the names of our clients except only to the extent necessary to perform the task we are contracted to perform. We will never post a list of customers anywhere publicly accessible without permission from our customers.